Kaja Cxzy Andersen (b. 1985, Stavanger, Norway) creates mixed media sculptures,  installations, and web based work, sometimes combined with performative elements.

Drawing inspiration from online culture, mythologies, and mundane daily rituals, her work can be seen as humorous reflections on everyday life post internet.

She sees her sculptures as avatars both in the sense that they are substitutes for her physical presence and in the sense that they symbolize a generational zeitgeist and how we experience intimacy through technology.

Since 2015 she has also been curating shows and creating art under the moniker 'Lounge Corp.' together with Icelandic artist Ragnheidur Karadottir.

Their agenda is to make site specific exhibitions in non traditional spaces and create a dialogue with the inherent aesthetics of each space they approach. 

Andersen holds an MFA in Fine Arts from SVA in New York (2016) and a BA in Contemporary Art from The Art Academy in Tromsø (2011) and is currently based in New York.